Frequently Asked Questions

Every Television show, Film and Commercial needs a great soundtrack - and we have the answer.

Crumbs Music Media is the easiest and most cost effective way to bring the hottest pre-licensed music to your media content.

Crumbs Music Media is a one-stop shop for all your music needs, where you can search, listen, browse suggestions and download your choices instantly.

Searching in the Crumbs Music Media is fast, efficient and effective - and we save you valuable time and money by providing only pre-cleared music for your content. We are constantly stocking the Crumbs Music Player with 'authentic' new Artists, Composers, Bands and Vocalists and we are committed to keeping it current with what's fresh.


What is Crumbs Music Media?

We are a music licensing company that specializes in providing pre-cleared music for use in motion pictures, television, web, advertising, gaming and new media productions.

Who does CMM license to?

We license all types of music from all types of genres. Our clients have very different and specific needs and we take pride in the fact that we can offer them all kinds of music for whatever their content might require. Our clients service all types of media productions: Television, Film, Internet, etc. Possible uses include background music in a show, promo spots, use in a commercial, websites, internal company videos, movies, video games and more.

Artists/Rights Holders

Will Crumbs Music Media let me know if/when my music is used?

Of course we would love to let every artist know about every instance that their music gets placed by us. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of placements, from a large number of clients and customers, we are unable to guarantee that you will be informed before your music is used on air. We make our best efforts to do so when possible but realistically we cannot do this in many cases. Normally we are not informed of use until we receive cue sheets after a show has aired and wrapped.

Do I get a say in where and when my music is going to be used?

Sorry, but for the moment you will not have the ability to approve or decline placements of your music. We offer our clients an easy and efficient process which enables clients to secure a license to our music quickly and hassle free. Adding another level of approval to productions that typically have extremely tight deadlines can stonewall the process and create unnecessary barriers and complications. However, our developers will include an exclusion option for your tracks.

Does it cost me anything to sign up with CMM?

Nope, submitting to Crumbs Music Media does not cost you a dime. All you have to do is register and log in and you’re good to go.

What happens if I have signed a Publishing deal?

Shouldn't be an issue. Just let them know that you would like to work with us on a non-exclusive basis, and you would like them to opt in to our agreement. If they feel like this is a problem then you can ask us to remove your work from our database or get them to call us and we will explain how it works.

If I sign up with Crumbs Music Media can I still do other things with my music?

Of course! So long as you do not have an existing publishing deal. We work non-exclusively with your music. This enables you to continue to hustle your wares any way you see fit. It's in our best interest that our artists and rights owners succeed and we would never want to stand in the way of that.

How do I get my music removed from CMM?

We do music removals twice a year - July 1st and January 1st - just give us sixty days notice. You can request removal of your music from our system anytime you like after the initial 1-year Licensing Agreement period expires. Just a heads up, we will not be able to remove music that has already been placed but might not have aired yet, etc. You can email this request to us at:

Who needs to sign the Licensing Agreement?

You need to sign the contract as well as anyone else who holds rights to the music, masters or publishing. Keep in mind that by signing the Licensing Agreement you are legally responsible if it turns out there are other parties involved that have not been properly identified. Crumbs Music Media and our clients take no responsibility and are indemnified by the License Agreement. So please be sure to include all parties involved in the Licensing Agreement and Schedule A Forms!

Do I need to sign up with a PRO (Performance Rights Organization)?

Yes! You do want to get paid right? We suggest signing up with BMI, ASCAP or SESAC or your foreign PRO if you are overseas. Please consult our section on PRO’s on Crumbs TV.

Submitting Music

I want to join Crumbs Music Media where do I submit my music?

You’re lucky. You can do it immediately online once you register, and our A&R department will review it for consideration. You will be notified in a short time whether or not it has been accepted. You can initially submit two mp3 demo's via our submit page on our web site for us to demo. Please submit the two tracks that you feel best represents yourself as an artist.

What are the recording quality requirements for the music I'm submitting?

All music submitted to CMM after the initial .mp3 demo submission should be in high quality 16 bit, 48khz .aif or .wav, format. Please refrain from sending compressed files or conversions from previous compressed files. If our ears deem the quality of the recordings/files sub par, we will reject them. That means you .mp3 files!We also request that when able you provide sting outs for the music you submit. Please do not upload tracks that cut off or end abruptly.

What about Public Domain music?

Public domain works. Although you must make sure that the music is in fact within the public domain. No cheating! We check!

Is it cool if I use samples in the music I'm submitting?

Nope, not really. If you have explicit clearance to do so (which you must provide to us) we can make an exception. Otherwise, we don't accept music with samples.

Can I submit music if I only have vocal versions and not instrumentals?

Sure, you can submit whatever you like, however it definitely helps to get your music placed if you have mixes without vocals well. We recommend it.

On the Schedule A form I see a place for a CAE/IPI#. What is that?

The CAE/IPI# is a unique number assigned to you as a writer by your PRO society. Usually it's a string of nine digits grouped together and separated by periods (Ex: If you're confused where to find it within your PRO account you can always use the links below and search for yourself there.


Why do you need my Social Security # on the Licensing Agreement?

This is absolutely a requirement. We need your SSN for tax purposes - and to get you paid.

Do I really need to fill out the W-9 Tax form?

Yes. Being a musician is a real job right? At least you can prove it to your folks now.

What if I'm a non-U.S. resident? What then?

In that case we ask you to fill out and submit a W-8 BEN form so we don't have to withhold part of your payments.

Performing Rights Organization

Do I need to be a member of a Performance Rights Organization (PRO)?

Well, you don't need to but we do highly recommend it. I mean, you do want to get paid royalties when your music ends up in the newest Super Bowl ad right? Thought so, so you need to sign up with a PRO. Here in the United States you have three main choices in ASCAP, BMI and SESAC. If you're from overseas do a little research and see which PRO best suits you in your country.

Which PRO should I join?

All of them are professional organizations and do their jobs well. Do a little research and see where you feel like your music would fit best.

So does Crumbs Music Media pay me my share of royalties when they place my music?

No - performance royalties don't get paid by us. These payments come from your PRO society to you directly. However, we will pay your synchronization share quarterly. And remember, it's important to keep you address and contact info up to date with your PRO. You want that check to get to you don't you?

Do you re-title the music that I submit to you?

Yes we do. We re-title and register your music with the CMM naming convention. This allows both you and us to administer each version of your music seperately. Crumbs Music Media only collects money on the placements we make for you using our versions of your music. Nothing else. Ownership of the music is still yours.


What's the pay structure?

We split everything 60/40 with you the rights owner (you get 60%). All single use license fees secured by CMM we split with the artist 50/50. With regards to royalty payments on the backend we do the same, Crumbs Music Media keeps our half of the total royalties in the form of the publishing share and the artist keeps their half of the royalties in the form of the writers share.

How does payment work?

We account on a quarterly basis. As we receive them from the user, you will be compensated of your 60%. If it's a royalty payment then ASCAP, BMI, etc cut you a check that comes directly to you.

What am I going to receive as typical payments for my music?

Ah, that's a tough question. We would refer you to one of Crumbs’s unique features- the Rate Card. Depending on which category your product is being sold (new and emerging, established artist, etc), there is a number of different rates for tracks. Once registered, check out this feature to learn more about your tracks.

Do I need to pay taxes on payments I receive from CMM?

Yes. We will provide you a 1099 form at the end of the year for all money you receive directly from us.

What if I want my payments to go to my company instead of me as an individual?

Then forget the Social Security # on the Licensing Agreement and W-9 Tax form and instead include your Federal Tax ID #.

Can Crumbs Music Media split up the licensing fees between me and all the members of my band?

Sorry, no. At this point, we will only send payment to the designated person or rights owner. So make sure you, or whoever that person is, is not a total slacker.

But wait, there’s more

All of the music is available online without speaking to anyone. If you would talk with someone about other services, that can be provided individually such as music supervision, tracks not accessible on our site, etc.

We have numerous additional services including custom compositions, music supervision, cue editing, "sound-alikes" creation and even voice-over talent.

When you use Crumbs Music Media, you get access to a who's who of the industry's best composers and in the business.

We can generate custom cues, or retool existing ones, at a moments notice with no additional cost to you!

Simply follow the "Get Music Now" on Crumbs Music Media site and get started

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